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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Knitting Tues, August 8th (Panera, South Charlotte)

This is somewhat atypical - the South Charlotte S&B group also used to have its gatherings listed on the Meetup list but I think complications arose when we modified the schedules. I think it didn't allow for there to be two meetups on a single day. (The South CLT S 'n' B currently meets every other Tuesday at the Panera Bread around the I-485 and South Tryon area).

Anyway, if this post is deemed inappropriate, I can remove it, by all means.

Just wanted to mention that there was a nice turnout last night at Panera - If I recall correctly, we had 6 'regulars', 3 new folks, one potential new recruit who just happened to stumble on us while she was there, plus we got to meet Jessica's significant other :) We threatened to get him his own needles and yarn. I don't know that he was overly enthusiastic about that!


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